Getting the best seats you can get is on your mind when you find concerts that you are interested in attending. You want yourself and your group to have an amazing night out. To enjoy the music, you want to be sitting where you can see all of the entertainers and take in all of the excitement of the show.

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Find out when the tickets will go on sale and write down the date and the time. You do not want to forget this because you want to be on the telephone ordering your tickets the minute they go on sale or you want to be ready to camp out at the location to purchase your tickets.

When it comes to concerts, being prepared may mean standing in a line waiting all night. If you want premium tickets for the event, you need to be as disciplined as possible. Pack yourself a survival kit to take with you the night before the tickets go on sale. If you are going to wait with friends for the box office to open up in the morning, bring lawn chairs or sleeping bags, as well as food, blankets, and something to entertain yourselves. Make sure you wear a warm jacket because it can get cold when you are sitting outdoors all night.

Call early about the tickets. Approximately one hour before the tickets go on sale, place a call to the ticketing company. The number is likely to be busy, which is why being in the company of others and having multiple phones between you will make it easier to get through to the Ticketmaster.

As you are getting ready for the doors to open, pay close attention to the time. Concerts are sought after events and some musicians are so popular that hesitating to physically wait at the door is likely to mean that you will end up disappointed.

When you do get a hold of the sales operator on your cell phone, find out as much about the show as you can. The individual will tell you what they know and may redirect you to a menu on the telephone that will provide more details for you.

In some cases, you may have to purchase the first tickets that are available to you. After you do that though, you can call the sales operator and tell the person that you want to purchase the best tickets possible and would like to cancel the first ones. Once you have done that, buy the premium ones. Be happy with knowing that you have acquired tickets for a sold out show.

If waiting in line for concerts is not for you, it may be possible to obtain a free presale password for the event online to ensure that you get tickets before the general public does. It may also be possible to purchase admission by working with a ticket broker or using classified sites.

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